Getting Older with Type 2 Diabetes

If you are at risk for Type 2 diabetes, this risk will increase with age. If you have borderline, or are just over the border in diabetic territory, the risk is that it will worsen with age. As we age, our pancreas produces fewer beta cells, a key part of insulin production. Other risks that comes with age is that become more prone to medication side effects, and less physically active.

Sooner the Better

The earlier you get a grasp on your diabetes, the better your chances. If you don't have diabetes but are at risk, you can't start taking care of yourself too soon.

Blood Sugar Monitoring

As you age you may find it difficult to tell if feeling poorly is due to blood sugar or other issues associated with aging. You may find it necessary to monitor your blood sugar more frequently.


Stick with a sensible eating plan. This in itself will nip many problems in the bud. This will also allow you to need less medication.


You may find yourself more sedentary as you age. Just because you can't do 45 minutes of crunches anymore doesn't mean you should take it lying down. Get up and get moving, even in small ways-- just standing periodically is better than continuous sitting and lowers risk factors.

See Your Doctor

A lot of diabetes problems that you once thought you might ride out for a few hours can be more serious as you age. Get to the doctor sooner rather than later when you experience problems.
Keeping your diabetes in check will help you age gracefully, and hopefully result in a long and happy life.

Photo: Med Scape